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what is malocclusion

What is malocclusion?

What is malocclusion? Malocclusion isn’t actually a common term but has a lot to do with a misaligned jawbone. The position of the bites is important when it comes to dental care and appropriate use of the teeth. There can be cases where the teeth aren’t aligned properly which results in bad bite and mismatch of the teeth. Unlike the normal situation where the upper and the lower teeth fit slightly and perfectly on each other, the case is different for those suffering from malocclusion.

Apart from the inability to have a proper bite, malocclusion is characterized by crowded and crooked teeth which may extend their effects to the gums. Most people have seen or encountered such symptom within their environments but haven’t connected them to malocclusion.

Cause of malocclusion

Malocclusion is highly related to the hereditary concept of an individual and can be passed down in the family line. Poor development of the dental structure can cause malocclusion when there is a great difference in sizes of the upper and the lower jaws. Other conditions such as cleft lip may also cause malocclusion and malocclusion may be experienced from birth or later in life.

Behavioural cases reported such as tongue thrusting and thumb sucking can cause malocclusion when experienced for a long time. Dental fitting, filling and braces may lead to poor bite when both sides of the jaw aren’t balanced hence you must consider dental professionals for such corrective measures. Accidents may cause severe jaw fractures which may lead to malocclusion after the restoration is done.

The corrective process of malocclusion what is malocclusion

Following the risks that malocclusion may cause in the mouth, related symptoms must be reported to a dentist for right corrective measures. Cases such as crowding teeth where teeth alignment, extraction and use of braces are the best options will need attention from orthodontics. Extreme cases of malocclusion may cause frequent injuries on the lips and tongue when not corrected while other minor cases can be accommodated even without treatment.

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