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What is a General Consultation?

There are several reasons why people go to see a doctor. Some would consult their doctor for maintenance of a long-standing disease they have, others visit the doctor because they want to get a diagnosis for the symptoms they are experiencing. Others go into the doctor’s office for a general consultation. What is a general consultation, and why do people need it? Go to Sirius Health in Chatswood if you require a doctor’s consultation.


What is a general consultation?

Another term for this would be a medical consultation, and it refers to any meeting between a doctor and a patient. There would be many reasons why people would undergo this type of consultation, it may be for preventive reasons, a periodical check-up to re-assess patient risk or just to have a general health analysis.


For early detection. It has been said time and time again that prevention is better than cure. However, if a person has a family history of a certain type of cancer, they can opt for a regular consultation to monitor if there are any new growths or symptoms. To give a patient a fighting chance against cancer, early detection is the key. Having a regular skin consultation if a patient has a family history of skin cancer will allow doctors to inform them if there are any abnormal growths they have to be worried about.


A requirement at the workplace. Some employers would require an annual – or sometimes bi-annual – general consultation. The main reason for this would be for the employer to assess the best value for the insurance they issue their employees. The results would be forwarded directly to the company. This check-up can happen at least once a year, and the expenses are usually paid for in advance by the company.


general consultationReferral from another doctor. In this scenario, the patient is usually referred to a new specialist from a previous one. The scope, training, and expertise of the first physician might not be sufficient enough to meet the needs of the patient. This is why they would usually recommend another physician that has more experience with the medical need of the patient.


Overall maintenance. This check-up is done to make sure that a person’s overall health is in top shape, regardless if they have any underlying conditions or not. People choose to have this type of consultation to improve the quality of their lives, detect any potential health issues and track any progress of any existing conditions they have.


It might be in your best interest to go for a general consultation with your doctor. Get in touch with them if you feel that this type of check-up can be beneficial to you.

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