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traumatic eye injury

Traumatic Eye Injury First Aid

You are out enjoying your day and then something tragic happens. You get in a car accident, you get hit by a baseball, you trip and land wrong and you suffer a traumatic eye injury. Now you must figure out what to do if your eye gets injured. There are various forms of traumatic eye injury first aid so here is a quick rundown of them that you might find useful.

Foreign object in the eye: This is a serious injury and not something you want to take care of yourself. The best course of action is to get to an emergency room. Attempting to remove the object will likely worsen the condition. At most, find some form of protection to place around the eye as you seek medical help. traumatic eye injury

Blunt force trauma: Get an ice pack or cold compress and apply it to the eye for 5 to 10 minute intervals. Do not place the ice directly to the skin, but use a towel between the ice and skin. Do not put pressure on the eye, but lightly place it. If you are having pain, take an over the counter pain medication. If the injury causes bleeding, hurts when you move the eye or a change in your vision, seek medical help from a doctor.

Chemical Exposure: If you get some form of chemical in your eye, avoid rubbing your eye and as quickly as possible wash your eye out with water. Let the water flush your eye for about 15 minutes. While doing this, reach out to a doctor for advice on what to do next. Knowing what the chemical was can help determine the next treatment. If the eye remains extremely red or your vision is blurry, go to a doctor right away.

These are just a few of the types of traumatic eye injuries you may suffer. As with any type of injury, after administering first aid, it is still best to reach out to a medical professional for further advise on treatment.

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