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Professional First Aid Kit In Dental Emergency Failures

Using Professional First Aid Kit For Dental Emergencies

At certain times, dental professionals cannot avoid the inevitability of medical emergencies in their own clinics. It is important for any dentist or doctor to have their own supply of professional first aid kit. Readiness is highly important for an unexpected turn of events such as symptoms of heart attack or choking. To avoid dental failures, it is important that a dentist always asks the patient’s comfortability as well as their vital signs. In addition, dentists and surgeons need to practice mock emergencies so they can discuss possible dental failures or emergencies. These tips can surely help not just your patient but yourself in building your experiences in your dentistry career.

What Is Inside a Professional First Aid Kit?

Some dental and medical clinics now give recommendations for professional first aid kits that their patients can buy outside. These professional first aid kits are also useful whenever you’re traveling. Here are some of the first aid kit items you need to prepare ahead. Take note that these products may change according to your local dental practices or policies.

Basic Medical Care: Band-aid, gauze, micropore tapes, medical alcohol, wipes

Dental Care Tools: Disposable dental mirrors, single-use syringe plungers, needles, and syringe, LED lights, toothbrush, scaler, mini oxygen tanks

Dental Products: Dental Paste, Anesthetic Gel or Ointment, Dental Cement, Periodontal Surgical Dressing

Medicines: Nitroglycerin, Analgesic, Pain Relievers, Antihistamine, other related drugs

Other Items: Instruction Booklets, Drug and Medicine List, Contact numbers for Hospitals (Personal Kits include Holder for Your Medical Insurance Cards and Senior Citizen Cards)

Medical Emergencies In Dental Clinics

After identifying the different items found in a dental emergency kit, let’s focus on what are the possible medical emergencies in dental clinics. Some of these medical emergency examples aren’t solvable by the items above. There are medical training and techniques from your dentistry education and continuous professional education to equip you. Moreover, make sure that your professional first aid kit stocks are plenty in case of these problems. It will make you respond effectively and fast enough to get your patient out of trouble.

Exposure of Eye In Liquids

It is possible for a patient, while gargling and spitting it out, accidentally got water in their eyes after splashing on the ceramic sink. During this accident, it is important for the patient not to panic and call out help immediately. Most gargles for dental procedures are washable by just clean water. As a dentist, do not give alcohol-based mouthwash always mention to wear safety goggles.

Breathing Problems

Improper position of the patient may lead to breathing problems or choking. Sometimes, this medical concern is a major medical problem so it is important for the person to prepare mini oxygen tanks as well. Likewise, it is important for a dental practitioner in practicing careful Heimlich maneuvers for any airway obstruction as well.

Sudden Loss of Consciousness

Using Professional First Aid Kit For Dental EmergenciesIf there are symptoms of heart attack for the patient during the dental operation, it is important to always support their head and stop the dental treatment. CPR is given to promote constant heart beating. In any case that your patient wakes up with bleeding problems, give first aid treatment such as cleaning of the blood and oxygen assistance. It is important to rush the patient to the nearest hospital when this happens.

Caring For Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies inside a clinic are rare since professional doctors are already prepared for their sessions. However, we cannot deny the fact that some of these incidents may happen. A simple tooth bleeding may cause more problems, so it is best that a dentist asks for help from his or her own colleague. The better the preparation is for medical emergencies; the less will dental accidents be frequent.

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