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pain after breast reduction

Explaining Sudden Pain After Breast Reduction

Deciding to have breast surgery can be a long journey. People that undergo such mammoplasty (another term for breast reduction) might feel a slight change in their physical appearance. Although for some, a major turn-around for their way of living is even required to continue the healing process. Any form of surgery can also have effects, especially physical surgeries. Side effects are also expected in this procedure which can include sudden pain after breast surgery. Above anything, you need to be firm in deciding if you are willing to undergo a physical change that includes a sensitive part of your body. Your body will most likely attune to what your outlook is before and after the breast surgery.


Your Doctor’s Consultation Matters

A doctor’s prescription is needed before getting any surgery done. This is needed for your preparation in what will happen before, during, and after the procedure. Patients have different sizes of breasts, skin type, as well as physical proportions. Women who are aiming to have children immediately after the surgery may be hindered by the doctor. Some habits can also be prohibited before and after the surgery such as alcohol consumption and smoking. Anti-inflammatory drugs, supplements, and aspirin are also highly discouraged to avoid other possible risks. Lastly, choosing the best cosmetic surgeon that is able to do the procedure is crucial. Avoiding pain after breast reduction is your priority, so look for surgeons that have portfolios or are recommended by people that you trust.


Why This Sudden Pain Happens

It is normal for you to feel pain after breast reduction in different parts of your body due to the nature of the surgery. After all, tissues, fat, and skin are being taken away from your breasts and is aligned to a firmer and tighter position. In addition, tubes attached to you will have your skin adjust for quite some time so redness and itching may follow. Due to a major loss in your body part, your cells are healing you naturally to rejuvenate cells that were taken away. At this time, you should also expect to lessen your trips to the gym, or eating too much of your favorite food for quite some time.


Other Results Of Breast Reduction

Before we tackle the following effects of breast reduction, it is advised that you do your own research about this procedure. Create a list of things you need to prepare before going to your surgeon and after the scheduled consultations. This period where you need to have a continuously healthy lifestyle can be a bit hard. Eating properly and maintaining a healthy diet can help you recuperate since you’ll need all the nutrients and vitamins after this. There might be some emotional pain that you’ll also go through, so look for people that will be serious and committed to helping you recover.  Here are some other physical effects after your breast reduction:

Bra Sizepain after breast reduction

Changing a bra size is immediately a concern for patients who had breast reduction surgery. Your surgeon will recommend you to wear a surgical bra for a few months before switching to a sports bra without a wire. You can choose your own bra size after your surgeon feels confident that you are able to do so.


Seeing scars formed by scabs can be a sensitive topic to talk about. Medication is given for the scars or you might look for your own natural treatment.  However, you’ll eventually love the scars that you’ve gained since this shows how victorious you are in this decision.


The sudden pain after breast reduction that you feel is one of the results of the sensation from the loss. You can also feel itchy around the parts where the scars are located as well. Be careful not to scratch the scabs to avoid the exposure of your stitches to bacteria or other particles. Ask your doctor about the best possible solutions to ease any other sensations after the surgery.

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