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mini tummy tuck recovery time

How long is a Mini Tummy Tuck Recovery Time

Once you have decided that you need or want to undergo a mini tummy tuck surgery, the next step is to arm yourself with all the pre and post details. First and foremost, check with your doctor if you really are the ideal candidate. Ask him about the different types of tummy tuck,  since there are many techniques available nowadays for tummy tucks, including Brazilian abdominoplasty. Once you have the date set, it’s important to know just how long the mini tummy tuck recovery time is.


mini tummy tuck recovery

How long is a mini tummy tuck recovery time?

As with everything else related to the body, it depends. There are plenty of factors, such as your age, general health, the amount of skin and fat that will be removed, etc.

The initial stay at the hospital may also vary. The usual amount of time spent in the hospital post surgery is a few hours. In some cases, the doctor might extend your stay to a day or two.




Things to remember about mini tummy tuck recovery time

The area of your abdomen is very sensitive, as well as in use all the time. Since mini tummy tucks are less invasive and extensive compared to the traditional or full abdominoplasty, your recovery time is faster. However, you will have to take it easy for at least 6 to 8 weeks. No exhausting activity, especially heavy lifting or anything that would exert pressure on the abdomen. You will need to get and use an abdominal binder. It will lessen the chances of liquid building up in your abdomen area. It will also give your abdomen the much-needed support. The doctor will also prescribe an antibiotic so that your wounds do not get infected.

Any vice you might have, such as tobacco or alcohol, are out of the question during the initial 2 months after the surgery. Do not rest and lay on your back the entire time. Mild physical activity such as 20 to 30 minutes of walking can help your abdomen heal sooner. Activities that activate your core, such as driving are also out of the question for at least a month.

Be sure to drink plenty of water. It will clean your body form all the possible toxins that could complicate your recovery process. Be sure to follow your doctor’s instructions word by word.

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