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Is Retinal Tear An Emergency When Is An Eye Doctor Needed

Is Retinal Tear An Emergency? (When Is An Eye Doctor Needed?)

Is retinal tear an emergency? It may be a crucial question to ask knowing that the symptoms include bleeding, watery eyes, and even severe pain. Patients may also visit the page of Armadale Eye Clinic in Melbourne to check similar treatments they may want to have from their preferred ophthalmologist. You may also look for practical ways to take care of your retinal tear after a surgical procedure. The recovery stage is crucial, particularly for soft tissue in the eyes that may have an infection due to unsanitary practices. You may want to know more about taking care of your eyes as you age. 


How Does The Retina Help Seeing?

Many of us may wonder what makes our eyes see clearly? You may be familiar with the parts, iris, cornea, and even the eyelids that help our eyes function well. But, the eye is a complex organ that is made of various nerves, tissues, and blood vessels which allows our brain to interpret images. The central part of the eye that helps us see pictures is called the retina. The retina processes the light through sensitive cells that detect the color and intensity of the light. Hence, if there are any damages to the soft tissues, nerves, or cells, you may expect your vision of getting a disruption quickly. 


When Is Retinal Tear An Emergency?

Retinal detachment or retinal tear is a medical health condition where the retina is pulled away from its normal position. The retinal tear often happens at the back of the eye. The causes of retinal tear may vary. When the retina detaches from the source of oxygen and blood, it can cause floaters and other visual impairments that can lead to more significant risks. The longer the neglect of this emergency, the more complicated the procedure can become. Not all clinics or eye care centers may have the capability to offer care for a torn retina. Hence, patients should visit a hospital that may treat a retinal tear


Symptoms And Causes Of Retinal Tear As An Emergency

Is Retinal Tear An Emergency Opthalmologist

Not sure when to go to a doctor or not know is retinal tear an emergency? You may not be aware of the detachments as not every eye problem shows pain. Furthermore, retinal tear also has three categories, and each may have different symptoms. For a patient to know these warning signs, here is an overview of what to expect during a retinal tear problem.



A person with a rhegmatogenous retinal tear may experience symptoms of dark shadows that cover their eyes. The most common retinal tear, rhegmatogenous retinal tear often occurs due to aging. As individuals age, the tissues in the retina may break or tear easily. The liquid gel in the retina then pushes back the whole retina to the back of the eye, causing it to break from its position.  



An exudative retinal tear may happen when fluids build up behind the retina with no signs of tear or breaking in the tissue itself. Once the fluid fills the vitreous center, it may then push the whole retina behind and tears or detaches completely. Most exudative tears and detachments are due to injury or trauma in the eyes. The detached retina may also occur due to age-related macular degeneration and inflammation.



Tractional retinal tears are often caused by diabetes or high blood pressure due to cholesterol or strenuous activities. Blood vessels may enhance the risk of a detached retina once the scar tissue grows bigger. People with previous surgeries or procedure due to cataract may also acquire tractional retinal detachment.


Which Doctor Should Patients Go To For Eye Care?

Have you ever considered going to a specialist for your eyes? You may recall going to an eye care center for fitting new lenses or eyeglasses. But, there is a vast difference between an optician and an ophthalmologist. Besides, other doctors may help recover trauma from accidents or injuries that affect the eyes. You may even be surprised that an oral and maxillofacial surgeon can assist an ophthalmologist for restoring your eyesight. Nevertheless, patients should be aware that specialized doctors can help return vision after a medical emergency. Seek a hospital or clinic near you that you may contact easily for any emergencies.


Other Eye Emergencies (Rare or Chronic)

Is Retinal Tear An Emergency

Apart from asking, is retinal tear an emergency, you may also find yourself confused with the various eye disorders that need emergency treatment. Some doctors can repair eyes with a diagnosis of temporary blindness. Yet, eyes with many detached tissues, tears, or posterior damage may not have reasonable surgery procedures. Often, these eye disorders may result in permanent loss of vision until medical researches may come up with new technology or treatment. Here are several rare or chronic eye illnesses that you may want to ask an expert in the eye care field.


  • Retinitis pigmentosa – decreased peripheral vision due to loss of cells
  • Albinism – chromosomes affect eye color and vision
  • Bietti’s crystalline dystrophy – crystal-like deposits of fatty (lipid) compounds
  • Anophthalmia – a baby born without eyes or only has one eye
  • Coloboma – cleft in the eye


What To Do After Diagnosis

The detachment of the eyes is not a manageable illness to be treated. The layers of the eyes may have several detachment problems that contribute to the total loss of eyesight. However, treatment is only done by a certified ophthalmologist or a surgeon. A patient with a current retinal detachment problem should get treatment immediately as degenerative loss of eyesight may lead to other health concerns. 

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