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how to get rid of bleeding gums

How to get rid of bleeding gums

We always associate taking care of our dental health as brushing and flossing our teeth daily. But we may have overlooked the health of our gums. We may think while we brush and floss our teeth, bleeding while doing so is all but normal. However, bleeding gums may be a sign of something more serious and complicated than a typical dental problem. At www.thdentalryde.com.au/gum-disease you will find several problems that may be caused by a ‘simple’ bleeding gum situation. So, this article is a good read to let you know and understand how to get rid of bleeding gums.


How to get rid of bleeding gums

There are basically two parts in getting rid of gum diseases that cause bleeding – the prevention and the cure. Here, we will list down tips on how to prevent gum bleeding, but we will also state some remedies you can do if you already have bleeding gums.


Preventive steps on how to get rid of bleeding gums

bleeding gums

Proper oral care. Time and again, proper dental hygiene is the number one dental tip dentists give their patients to prevent almost all dental problems.

Smoking cessation. Smoking has been associated with a lot of medical conditions. It is one of the primary causes of lung or mouth cancer, cardiovascular disease, and cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke. But it should not be discounted that the mouth is the first one to be affected by the negative impact of nicotine.  Smoking can cause gum disease; in fact, this is found out to be the number one cause of gum diseases in the US.

Relax. There are studies that stress can affect our body’s immune system. So if a patient is stressed, our body’s defensive barriers are down, making our body vulnerable to infections.

Watch your vitamins. Making sure that you are healthy and that you eat the right foods is important, but taking supplements can also benefit your body in maintaining its health and wellness. For instance, taking your daily doses of vitamins C and K can help maintain healthy gums. Vitamin C is known to help improve our immunity, and vitamin K is a good supplement to ensure normal blood clotting in the body.

Limit carbs and sugar. We all know that bacteria thrive in our mouths by eating sugary products left in between our teeth. Letting them grow will lead to cavity formation and tooth decay. So, limiting your carbohydrates intake as well as sugary products combined with proper oral hygiene is a good way to prevent gum bleeding.


How to stop gum bleeding

If you already have bleeding gums, here are steps on how to get rid of it.

  • Apply pressure using a wet sterile gauze.
  • Rinse with salt water or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Apply ice or cold compress.
  • Apply turmeric paste (alternative medicine)
  • Try oil pulling.


Trying all these can be very helpful in making sure that your gums are in its best condition. But aside from all of these, visiting your dentist regularly will really help you monitor your dental health. Makes sure that your dentist is up-to-date with your dental condition so you can prevent any potential problem from happening.

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