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how do holistic dentists treat root canals

How Do Holistic Dentists Treat Root Canals?

Nowadays, more and more dentists are practicing holistic dentistry since the treatment methods are much safer and more natural compared to the conventional types. In fact, a team of holistic dentists in Cabramatta advise patients to try visiting these dental professionals since it promotes a more positive quality of life. But how do holistic dentists treat root canals? Is that even possible?

This is actually a common question asked to holistic dentists. The truth is – each case has to be individually considered. An assessment to a patient’s health not only orally but generally has to be done. In an overview, root canal treatment is divided into two types:

  • The first view is where the toxins and harmful microbes are a threat to the patient’s health. The existence of a “dead” tooth within the person’s overall system can compromise the quality of life.
  • The other view is that root canal therapy is performed according to the highest dental standards. If a patient has been exposed to toxins and bacteria, the level is minimal as the immune system can immediately fight it. While the tooth nerve is absent, the fact is that, the tooth still sits on the bone and the periodontal ligament is still alive.

Connecting it to holistic treatment, the goal of the holistic dentist is to be open-minded on both perspectives. A further assessment to an individual is needed to determine if root canal therapy can truly be beneficial not only to his or her oral health but to the entire well-being as well.

Competence is Key

Take note that the main goal of root canal treatment is the preservation of the natural tooth as much as possible. As long as the procedure meets the traditional dental standards, root canal treatment is considered safe. Part of preserving the natural tooth is to make sure that the infection is treatment is the bone maintains its healthy state as it gradually regenerates.

how do holistic dentists treat root canals

If the person has a strong immune system, any exposure to bacteria and toxins can be easily dealt with.

However, root canal treatment when not done properly can give you the exact opposite results. If there are toxins or residual bacteria left in the tooth, this can compromise the patient’s health. A dead tooth stuck in a jawbone can disrupt the function of the autonomic nervous system. Furthermore, this can compromise the immune system.

Can you 100% sterilize a tooth?

Up to this day, this question still remains unanswered. The important thing here is to make sure that you are in good shape. Maintain your body to be healthy and your immune system can fight off the bacteria. However if you have conditions like cancer, malnutrition, diabetes and vitamin deficiencies, the presence of harmful bacteria can truly compromise your health.


If a patient is really hesitant to undergo root canal treatment, other alternatives are available. For example, the patient can wear removable partial dentures. Fixed bridge work may also be done. Finally, the patient can opt to have dental implants on the jaw bone.


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