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Dental Equipment Parts: Replace or Repair?

An ideal dental office should be well-equipped with the latest machines that help and assist dental specialists in performing the newest dental procedures. But what if they malfunction? Do you know who to call for maintenance or replacement of dental equipment parts? Some would go order medical and dental supplies online, while some would rather invest in a new one. So how would you know if it’s time for equipment to be replaced or repair?

Tips to know when to repair or replace a medical or dental equipment

  1. Know the problem. Identify why it is malfunctioning and what part of the machine is affected. Was it showing signs earlier on about impending damage or crash? The description of the problem when properly relayed to an expert mechanic or technician will greatly help and affect his opinion if it needs to be replaced or can still be repaired.
  2. dental equipment partsWarranty. When did you purchase your machine? How long was the warranty given? It may be the store owner or the manufacturer who gives the warranty, so make sure you know everything about it so just in case it gets damaged and it is still within the warranty period, the replacement or repair will be for free.
  3. Call the manufacturer or distributor. Their contact numbers and hotlines are more often than not part of the official receipt, and they encourage you to relay the problem to them so they can advise you on what to do and who they could recommend helping you solve the damage.
  4. Choose a reliable technician. A licensed and well-trained technician assesses the problem and gives you a detailed explanation of what he observed. He then gives you his expert take on how to solve the problem. They would not easily demand that you but a piece of new equipment that easily, he would find ways to salvage the machine and just replace parts that need to be changed.
  5. Know your machine’s typical life span. Of course, nothing lasts forever. For example, a dental chair can serve you for approximately 15 years before its wear and tear. Autoclaves, vacuums, and air compressor may last for 10-12 years before showing signs of breakage. If your machines reach their estimated life span, maybe it’s wise to buy a new one than to spend money trying to make old equipment work.


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