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The Need to Have Dental Emergency Care

There are different cases as to when dental emergency care is required. If you ask a dentist, you might be shocked when you find out that there are some cases that seem urgent but it’s not even an emergency to these professionals. But there are those which require immediate care but we think it’s no big deal. To know more, you can visit adcdubbodentist.com.au or simply finish reading this article. Here are some scenarios which may be confusing if it’s an emergency or not.

  • Falling over from a bike and knocking out the incisors
  • The temporary tooth of your baby is hanging and you’re hesitant to remove it
  • It’s the wee hours and you just realized that your tooth which just received root canal treatment is bleeding. It’s painful and your mouth is swollen

These are some cases which can be quite hard to distinguish if a dental emergency care is needed as soon as possible or it can wait. The impression of the person can be different from that of the dentist’s.

To an individual, halitosis or bad breath may be an emergency situation. But a dental professional may only see it as a simple problem. For clarification, here are some cases which are definitely considered as dental emergencies.

A Tooth That Has Been Knocked Out

Always remember this one cardinal rule – a tooth knocked out is and will always be considered an emergency and should be treated right away. The first priority is to prevent the tooth from drying out. Don’t ever touch the tooth’s root surface. Just hold the crown, rinse if dirty and don’t remove any cells or tissue.

If you can’t put the tooth back in the socket, put it in the cheek part where the gums and teeth can hold it. But if you’re anxious that you might swallow the tooth, just put it in a glass-filled milk while taking it to the dentist.

Bleeding and Swelling Noted

Swelling is an emergency scenario. Especially if there’s pain felt, any type of swelling can have a high possibility of abscess, a mouth infection caused by another agent. Hence, it’s essential to treat the problem right away.

dental emergency care

Though swelling with zero pain is different, it may still need dental emergency care. Hence, having it checked to a dentist is highly recommended. It could be linked to another health problem like cancer. Remember, many critical illnesses start with zero symptoms and pain.

Assume an emergency case as well with gum bleeding or any bleeding coming from the mouth. For those taking anti-coagulant medications, bleeding can indicate problems like liver diseases, infection, inflammation or trauma.

Emergency Dental Care

When there’s an emergency situation, your dental provider will do everything to resolve it. However, it’s best to have other choices.

Emergency Number

If you need to contact your dentist but it is beyond working hours already, wait for the voice recording to give you the emergency number.

The Nearest ER or 911

When the case is really serious such as a life-threatening scenario, contacting 911 or going to the nearest emergency would be the best thing to do.

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