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capsular contracture treatment

Capsular contracture treatment: What you need to know

Even though capsular contracture treatment isn’t taken very seriously, some of its effects can be extreme and may require immediate attention by an expert. When capsular contracture, a scar that forms typically around any part of the implant, hardens and misshapes the breasts, it should not be considered as part of the normal postoperative healing.


capsular contracture treatment options

What is capsular contracture?

The formation of the scar is as a result of body reaction when it detects a foreign object in the body and tries to isolate it by forming a barrier. However, if this scar hardens and alters the shape of the breast implant and the breasts themselves, it is now what we know as capsular contracture. Extreme cases of capsular contracture may easily cause pain, especially around the breast area while others may come as an advantage to the breast implant as they will help keep the implant in the best position.


Capsular contracture treatment

Technology has made the capsular contracture treatment option better unlike in the past where the best option was revision surgery. Repeated surgery to correct the condition was uncomfortable, lengthy, and costly for patients who had to use the traditional way of treatment.

Today, the condition is less worrying following the introduction of a less complicated and better treatment option. The multi-energy Aspen therapy system works best to handle the capsular contracture treatment and doesn’t cause inconvenience or pain to the patients since it’s noninvasive. During the therapy treatment process, no incision is made and a special device is used on the breast tissue that makes the process less risky.

When the use of Aspen Harmonizer which is the special device used during the Aspen therapy is adopted, the treatment options are done in phases. The treatment process can be done for 2 or 3 weeks alongside antibiotics therapy to make sure all the causes of capsular contracture are well addressed and the possibility of reoccurrence in the future eliminated totally.

Since the capsular contracture may change the stages, the examination process will determine the best treatment option, since extreme cases such as grade 4 may require surgical intervention. Don’t wait until the condition gets worse before you can go for treatment when you suffer from capsular contracture. Always consider treatment while capsular contracture is in grade two or three for a better and easy treatment option.

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