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broken wire braces

Broken Wire Braces – What Should You Do to Fix It?

You finally have those braces installed to correct your problem on teeth misalignment. After some time, you felt a slight discomfort and you begin to wonder what’s wrong; until you realized you’re experiencing broken wire braces. But there’s no need to fret about it. Here’s some helpful advice from a clinic offering orthodontics in Campbelltown.

Experiencing broken wire braces is actually a common occurrence among all individuals wearing braces. In fact, it’s considered the most common form of inconvenience. That’s because the wire and brackets are so fragile that they can break easily for various reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Engaging on a wrong diet such as eating foods which are discouraged
  • Suffering an injury which involves the mouth
  • Not following the proper ways to brush your teeth or brushing is too vigorous
  • Rough flossing of the teeth or using a toothpick

Take note that just because the wire or brackets of your braces are broken, it doesn’t immediately indicate that it’s a dental emergency. Here are some things you can do to fix it.

Check the Damage

The first thing to do is assess the damage. Try to examine if the wire is still attached to the bracket. If it is, don’t touch it, just leave it in place. But if it’s sticking out, though still attached, you can use a clean cotton swab to press it back. Do it gently until it goes back to its original position.

broken wire braces

You can also use an orthodontic wax when holding the broken bracket in your mouth. Then, book an appointment with your orthodontist. If the bracket itself has become loose, try to remove it easily and gently and take it with you when visiting your orthodontist to have it fixed.

Manage It

Try to review how the wires should be positioned to your broken braces. If you can do it yourself, use a pair of nail clippers and clip protruding or overlong wires as close as possible to your teeth. But do this very carefully. Gently press any extra length back to its position and apply wax. This will prevent the wires from cutting or injuring your cheeks and the insides of your mouth.

Booking an Appointment

Once you’ve done the abovementioned steps, you can book an appointment with your orthodontist to have the bracket fixed. The urgency will rely on how much discomfort you’re experiencing with the broken braces as well as the severity of the damage.

Upon booking, let the orthodontist or his or her assistant know if you still have the bracket parts that got detached. Through this heads up, the orthodontist will be prepared on how to fix your broken braces.

Other Important Things to Do

While waiting for your appointment, you can regularly rinse your mouth with salt water for healing purposes. Avoid hard foods like sticky candies or apples. It’s also a good idea to use toothpaste that promotes healing and can soothe your mouth. An over-the-counter medication may be needed if you’re experiencing pain or discomfort.

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