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boy scout first aid kit

Boy Scout First Aid Kit

Boy scouts are taught to be prepared for anything. A key component in preparedness is having a thoughtfully prepared first aid kit available at all times. You can try this link to know more.

Purchasing a boy scout first aid kit is convenient and may be less expensive than a custom kit. Many scouts, however, choose to build their own so they can personalize the content.

Here are some items to include in your personal boy scout first aid kit.

  • boy scout first aid kitAdhesive bandages: You should have at least six latex-free bandages in your kit to cover simple scrapes and small cuts.
  • Sterile gauze pads (3 x 3 inch): Add a couple of sterile gauze pads to your kit to cover larger wounds.
  • Adhesive Tape: Include some latex-free adhesive tape to hold the gauze pads in place.
  • Moleskin: A small piece of moleskin (3 x 6 inch) should be included in your kit to help soothe blisters.
  • Hand cleaner: It’s important to have soap or hand-sanitizing gel in your pack so you can clean your hands before and after administering first aid.
  • Alcohol-based sanitizer or gel: To clean wounds prior to treating them, have an alcohol-based cleanser in your kit.
  • Antibiotic ointment: Be sure to include a triple antibiotic ointment to your first aid kit. This ointment will help prevent infection in open cuts and wounds.
  • Scissors: You will need a pair of scissors in your kit so you can easily cut gauze or adhesive tape.
  • Disposable latex-free gloves: Protect yourself and others from bleeding wounds by using disposable gloves.
  • Paper and writing instrument: Be sure to log treatment times and details for future reference.

Store all your kit items in a small waterproof container that will fit into a small backpack. Be sure to check and replace expired items regularly and replace any items that you have used so they are available to you when you need them.

It is wise to customize your kit to your own personal needs too. Be sure to include any medications that you use on a regular basis such as eye drops or prescription medications. You should also customize your kit for weather consideration and any special circumstance you could encounter on a particular hike or excursion.

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