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botched boob job

What To Do With A Botched Boob Job

In 2017, there were 1.8 million cosmetic surgeries performed in the U.S. Perhaps not surprisingly, just about one-fifth of those were for breast implants. For the most part, the breast implant surgery – or “boob job”, as many call it – has left many satisfied clients. However, there are some cases where there was a botched surgery. Thus, the elephant in the room is this: what to do if your boob implant ruptures or you have become the subject of one of these less-than-perfect breast implant surgeries?

Here are some things you should keep in mind:

Talk to another doctor

That’s it. That’s really all you have to do. It’s very simple. However, it’s also very complex, and there is no doubting the fact that you are in panic mode and wondering if your breasts will ever be the same again. Of course, the other obvious question you might have is, how do you find the right doctor to talk to about a botched boob job? If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, here are some steps to take to find a doctor that can remedy the situation:

Find one that is a board-certified plastic surgeon

This will usually mean that he or she has experience in dealing with less-than-stellar breast implant surgery. They will know how to correct the issue as quickly and as easily as possible.

Look for someone with a proven track record in this area

botched boob jobOf course, it is important to realize that finding a board-certified plastic surgeon is only the first step to correcting the problem. You not only need someone experienced in the initial surgery, but you need a physician that has experience in performing the needed breast revision surgery to remedy your botched surgery in the first place. Ideally, you should look for a surgeon that has performed hundreds, if not thousands, of breast revision surgeries, and who has a proven track record of success regarding this type of corrective surgery.

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