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bleeding mouth

Easy Remedies for a Bleeding Mouth

Health emergencies such as bleeding gums or mouth are always inevitable and unexpected. Causes for such situations can vary from less frequent oral hygiene or accidentally bumping the gums or teeth while flossing or brushing. Minor bleeding in the mouth can be treated at home using natural and products available in stores. It’s easy to stop the bleeding with these simple remedies that anyone can do. However, a bleeding mouth can be an underlying risk in your health hence you should know the difference in a minor or major bleeding problem. Seek an opinion from your dentist to ensure what caused this issue.

The Remedies

Some causes for bleeding gums, mouth or teeth, might be due to dry mouth, mouth sores, exposed cuts, gum disease or low platelet count. Home remedies are not guaranteed to make your bleeding mouth stop and go away. Check which parts of your mouth are bleeding first and determine if there is unbearable pain that comes with it. Bleeding gums near the tooth can be treated fairly at home and some breath problems are treated using products. Check out these useful tips that can help stop the bleeding.

Increase your Vitamin C and Calcium Intake

Vitamin C can strengthen your teeth and gums but be careful in staining your mouth by drinking processed juice moderately. Anything taken in excess can still cause future problems for everyone so keep this in mind. Alternatively, eat real fruits and vegetables instead of processed product intake. In addition, Calcium can strengthen your teeth, increase collagen synthesis, and build strong enamel.

Proper Daily Oral Hygiene 

bleeding mouth

Bleeding, in general, may be a result of the following reasons: abrasion, friction, bumping or accidents. Be careful in brushing your teeth as sometimes your toothbrush can bump your gums or tooth that can lead to bleeding. Look for a toothbrush with soft bristles or use an electric one for better grip and control. Flossing in between teeth is one of the most common causes of bleeding gums as well. Pregnant women should floss in caution as exposed gums are prone to bacteria that can spread and cause gum disease or tooth problems.

Gargle Using Natural Products 

Saltwater is a traditional way to gargle your mouth if your mouthwash has run out. Along with salt water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are mixed with saltwater to create natural gargle solutions. Hydrogen Peroxide is a dentist-approved as it can decrease inflammation in the gums and can lessen the possibilities of Gingivitis.

Watch Out For Your Diet 

There are certain foods that are allowed for your diet and food lifestyle. Watch out for those that contain carbs or sugars. Sugar can highly increase bacteria that will cause a bleeding mouth problem. Check with a nutritionist on how to balance your meals and coordinate with your dentist for this concern.

When to Consult a Doctor

Recurring issues should be informed to the nearest dentist clinic as this may be a symptom of a bigger oral problem. Long term treatments are recommended if this situation has happened to you. Additionally, mouth injuries that a child just experienced should be taken as an emergency and should be rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. Always take precautionary measurements in doing home remedies and ask your dentist for an opinion on what you should take or do.

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