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Fist Aid: Fainting / Dizziness

Fainting is an occurrence were an individual looses consciousness. Fainting may be an indication of a serious medical condition. Many times however a person faints after standing or moving too quickly; or after standing without moving for a long period of time. This occurs due the capacity of the heart not meeting the demand of the body and brain due to the effects of gravity.

A fainting situation should be evaluated upon the factors related to the situation. If a person faints and regains consciousness & soon returns to normal – that person has likely experienced a non life threatening fainting episode. Usually the person recovers upon collapsing due to the appropriate return of blood flow to the brain.

If a person collapses and doesn’t start to feel better within a few minutes you should be concerned about other potential more serious causes. Evaluate the person and call 911 if you are unsure what to do. Have the person lay still and not to attempt to get up if dizzy or nauseous.

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