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CPR – Mouth to Mask

Mouth to Mask Breathing is the delivery of rescue breaths through a barrier mask to protect the rescuer from becoming exposed to the victims bodily fluids. Barriers devices such as a pocket mask should be used to provide rescue breathing when available and delivering rescue breaths. Pocket Masks are usually made of plastic and contain a one way value designed to limit exposure to the rescuer to exhaled air, bodily fluids, and disease process.

To use the mask, place it on the victims face with the pointy end over the bridge of the nose. Place one hand over the top of the mask holding it firmly on the face, Place the second hand on the bottom portion of the mask while grasping the chin; perform a head tilt/chin lift. Deliver breaths as in mouth to mouth breathing instead place your mouth on the one valve. Deliver each breath for about 1 second; looking for the chest to rise.

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