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CPR – Breathing

ABC’s of Life

Airway Breathing Circulation

A = Airway, B = Breathing, C = Circulation

Look, Listen, and Feel

Breathing: While maintaining an open airway, lower your head down and LOOK at the victims chest, LISTEN for coming out the victims mouth and nose, and FEEL for movement on the victims chest. You should Look, Listen, and Feel for 5 to 10 seconds. If the victim is NOT breathing you should consider giving two rescue breaths.

Rescue breaths are the process of giving artificial breathing to someone who isn’t breathing on their own. When giving rescue breathing, give just enough air (volume) to see the chest rise. Giving too much volume may cause harm to the victim. Simply think of lungs as nothing more than balloons. If you over inflate/hyperventilate a balloon it pops; the same is true with a human lung.

Rescue breaths can be given Mouth to Mouth, Mouth to Mask, or with a BVM or Bag Valve Mask.

In addition to causing injury to the lung over inflation and hyperventilation may cause air to enter the stomach which may induce or cause vomiting. Vomiting is dangerous as it may lead to aspiration and development of pneumonia if the victim survives.

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