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A broken bone which protrudes or breaks the skin is an open fracture (or compound fracture) and requires emergency medical evaluation and treatment. In first aid, if you are faced with a compound fracture attempt to position the injury in its position of function (normal position), treat any bleeding/cover any open wounds, and splint the [...]

Answer: No, recovery (if any) from defibrillation after suffering from a shockable rhythm is a delayed process. Time down before defibrillation has been shown to be equatable to potential recovery time after a shock. Link to this post!

What does a flatline mean?

A flat-line on a cardiac monitor indicates a asystolic heart rhythm. Asystolic or Asystole means that there is no electrical heart activity. Unlike TV, in real life, use of a defibrillator provides no valid treatment for asystole or a flatline. You can not shock a flatline (or asystole) back into a regular rhythm or restart [...]

What is a Heart Attack?

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What is First Aid?

First Aid is the initial medical care delivered to a person in emergency need before the arrival of more qualified rescuers and healthcare professionals. Anytime you provide first aid you should remember to protect yourself FIRST, then care for the victim. Your personal safety is the #1 priority. When providing care do your best with [...]

Choking is a common medical occurrence and typically does not require emergency intervention. Rescuers should initiate care in cases of severe choking such as when a person is unable speak, makes the universal choking sign, or is turning blue. When witnessing someone believed to be in severe choking you should ask them if they are [...]

If you are faced with a victim in cardiac arrest and you do not feel comfortable providing rescue breaths “Compression Only CPR” is an available option to provide care without the risks of expose associated with mouth to mouth breathing. Compression Only CPR is as it sounds. Rescuers perform the steps of CPR without giving [...]

What is Cardiac Arrest?

Answer: Cardiac Arrest is when a persons heart stops functioning, beating, and maintaining perfusion. Link to this post!

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United States: In an Emergency Dial 911. For Poison Control Call 1-800-222-1222
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