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Calling 911

If presented with an emergency situation that exceeds your available resources or you are unsure what to do – someone needs to call 911.

911 Dispatcher

911 is a universal number across the United States that should connect you to your local Police/Fire/EMS dispatch center. When you call 911 remember to stay calm and answer each and every question asked to the best of your ability.

Remember Who, What, Where, and How!

  • Who? This includes who you are and who needs help.
  • What is going on? This determines if a fire truck, police officer, or ambulance is needed.
  • Where? Give the complete address if known. If not, describe the location by looking around and giving any information you can see.
  • How to reconnect? Always give the telephone number in which you are calling from or can be reached at should you become disconnected.

In addition the 911 dispatcher may ask you a seemingly endless list of questions. Try to remember to stay calm and patient when talking to a 911 dispatcher. Each question is important and helps deliver the most appropriate help to you and those in need. Based on your answers and the given situation the 911 dispatcher may help walk you through any steps that need to be completed before help arrives.

Remember to listen carefully and do as instructed.
Always ask questions if you do not understand what you are supposed to do.


Phone Systems: In some environments you may have to dial a number such as 9 to get an outside line.
Remember that you may have to dial 9-911 in these situations.

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United States: In an Emergency Dial 911. For Poison Control Call 1-800-222-1222
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